Be the Pyramidion

Be the Pyramidion
Pyramids and businesses are built from the ground up, not from the top down unless you are a believer in pyramid marketing or multi-level marketing. Even if you are a believer in multi-level marketing, you will need to realize that the person who created the pyramid is the person at the top of the pyramid and will remain there. You will remain at their mercy, and they will dictate all of the rules and can adjust your compensation whenever they want to.
Some companies like to make you believe that you are not in a multi-level marketing system, when in fact, you are.
Here is a good way to think about what you are doing and how to create job security, Become the Pyramidion.
Say What? The Pyramidion, is the very top stone of a pyramid and all other stones fall under it.
If you are really going to get ahead you will need everyone to fall in place under you.
The phone number needs to be yours, the email, the domain, the website, everything. This way as you build your business and add value to it over your years of working you will have something of value that you can sell.
Remember this one thing as you build your business, water flows down hill and money flows uphill.
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