Building your business

Have you ever wanted to be able to sit on a beach, sipping a cool beverage? Then pick up your cell phone to be notified that you have just made more money?

It’s been referred to as laptop millionaire, passive income or residual income. Well, as far as I’ve seen so far on YouTube, in books and the different avenues I’ve seen, most of the gurus are promoting only a few different things.

1. MLM, multi-level marketing, also known as pyramid marketing. The higher up the pyramid the more money you can make through your down line.

2. Stock trading or investing. I’ve tried it and found it to be a job. You’ll have to put in time just like everything else. You will need to decide if you are going to day trade, swing trade, go long or short, or just invest and wait for you dividend payments to come in.

3. Affiliate Marketing, here you promote some products that are manufactured or distributed by another company and get paid a commission for doing so.

4. blogging or vlogging, here you create your own original content and distribute it over platforms that already exist then you monetize that content when you have gained a following. This could be a YouTube channel or a website of your own. Blogging or Vlogging could be one of the best ways to create that elusive passive income. You just need to be able to keep coming up with new creative content.

5. Create an online store. Here you find a store shopping platform to work with, design a store/ storefront that is unique, come up with a brand name, find a niche, add content to your store, find an audience, promote your store and create cash flow.

Well, We at Istockhomes have studied and tried all 5 of these avenues and have decided number 5 is the most interesting.

So, why should you care?

Here is why, We enjoy finding out about you, searching out your passion, be it babies, cats, dogs, hiking or something totally different. Then we help you come up with a business name, a brand, a niche, I help you get going on the correct platform for you, teach you how to use it and set you on your way.

I’m Brad Camp, one of the Owners of Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. along with and a bunch of other works in progress. What I just described is what we enjoy doing.

If you have ever dreamed of wanting an online store of your own but had no idea of where to start. Send me a message. Sending me a message will be your first step towards that online business that you never knew you could own.

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