Well, they do!

So what happens and why don’t you see way more For Sale by Owner signs?

Here is your answer. Most homes do not stay as For Sale by Owner because most homeowners have very little patience and want to see their place sold right away and the second biggest problem is that there is very little educational material out there to help people through the process of selling their house as For Sale by Owner.

The third problem is that almost as soon as they list their place anywhere as For Sale by Owner their phone rings and they get informed that they will not be able to sell their place as For Sale by Owner because they don’t know all of the intricacies of selling their own place and they will get screwed if they don’t have a professional on their side backing them up.

Sure! Whatever!

Actually, lots of places get sold as For Sale by Owner or as For Sale by Builder, the process isn’t that difficult and most of the complicated work gets done by a mortgage broker,  a bank, and a Lawyer who does a search on the property and does the transfer.

So what part does the homeowner have to do when selling a place as For Sale by Owner? Easy! They have to find someone who wants to purchase their place.


So how is someone supposed to find a person who is wanting to buy their place?

#1 Get informed, read through all of the tutorials you can find, and learn as much as you can about selling as for sale by owner. Trust me it will be time well spent and will profit you in the long run.

#2 Take some good pictures or even create a video.

#3 Place your listing on Istockhomes, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Classifieds advertising sites you find in your area.

#4 Place some signage in your yard and print up some spec sheets from your listing.

#5 Share your listing with your friends, acquaintances, peers, and coworkers, and ask them to also share with their friends.

#6 Wait...your phone will ring and you will get a buyer.

Note: You will have to put out some money in order to sell your house as For Sale by Owner but it’s going to be well under $1000.00 and maybe even under $500.00. When everything's said and done you will have saved yourself a pile of money.