How to get a house before it goes under contract

How to get a house before it goes under contract
How you can get a house before it goes under contract is not that hard to do. First, you need to think through the mind of the average seller and figure out the steps they need to take to sell a house.
1 how did they become the person that is needing to sell the house? Did they buy it and are now downsizing it? Or did they inherit it?
2 the easiest way for most people is to call an agent and do nothing more.
3 some people want to get more out of the house and want to bring it up to a presentable state before calling in a real estate agent. These people call in painters, get new flooring, replace appliances, and get the place professionally cleaned.
As a professional painter, I have had hundreds of calls to paint out a house as the owners were getting it ready to sell. Opportunities are everywhere.
As Brad Camp, president of Istockhomes I know an even better way. Invest in a website as a lead capture website, have how-to blogs on the website teaching people how to prepare their place to sell, then add in a painter, a flooring company, a cleaning company and build relationships with these contractors. Ask them to let you know when they come across people getting their home ready to sell.
At Istockhomes, we create websites that are designed to build relationships and capture leads on houses before they go under contract. These websites come complete with blogs.
To see me of these sites check out