How to write a good property description so that your listing can be found.

How to write a good property description so that your listing can be found.

In this blog, I'm going to have to include the page title, and description and while I'm at it, touch a little bit on meta tags.

This blog also needs to address people and how potential buyers will see your listing. Yet, to get in front of people, search engines will have to be addressed.

I've heard it said that a picture speaks a thousand words, but this is not true when it comes to computers. Computers don't see what we see. I'll come back to this.

To get your listing noticed the page title is very important. For instance has very little meaning to a computer.

At Istockhomes we allow you to choose your own title so it could be something more like

As if anyone is actually going to read a title as long as the one above. Well, search engines will and if the title of the page contains wording that is in your description and in other meta tags your listing will climb the ranking ladder very quickly.

Note: We also have a collection of geographically specific domains and websites that can also have listings.

These include:

and a 100 or so other domains that are available to add your listings to
completely free of charge.

Now, onto the description that your potential customers will be reading.

First off, most adults read at a grade 6 level and write at about the same level, yet all of us are good at picking up on poor language skills and poor spelling.

My reading and writing skills are probably about average, as in nothing to write home about. Yet I have learned over the last few years that I need to proofread my writings before posting.

It's a good practice to read through your writing a couple of times. Then try reading it out loud and maybe even recording it so you can listen to it.

After writing, I'll copy it into a program that I'm now using regularly. It's called Grammarly and it's free to use.

I'm a believer that it's good to do your own writing if you can, if not then be willing to pay.

A quick search for a content writer or Internet content writer should bring up someone near you that is good at writing content and making it search engine friendly. If you have lots of writing to do it's good to build a reputation using the same person so that your listings are worded similarly

If you don't know someone, take a look at Fiverr, or

Remember if you are just selling one place or many, your description is the one thing that will get people to view your listing. has been set up to make finding your listings easy. All you need to do when adding listings is fill out all of the fields on the form. If you do this your listings will soon appear at the top of search engines and your potential customers will not ever have to use or sign up for Istockhomes to see your listing. This is because Istockhomes is an open marketing platform.

To top it off, all of your listings can be easily linked back to your website.

Give a shot and you may find that we can help you selling your listings and also marketing your business.

Once you have written a good description you can use it on all of your other marketing platforms and link them all back to your website if you have one or back to Istockhomes if you don't have a website.

This would even include copying your description into your youtube description if you are making a video. This will help your video rank in searches as well. and always look for the "tags" field on all of your marketing platforms and be sure to use them.

If you've enjoyed this blog please share it with your friends and connections. Then come check out where we have many more like it.

Brad Camp of Istockhomes