Real Estate and Theft

Real Estate & Theft

Think you are safe and that you will not get robbed?

It would be nice to think that we live in a world filled with honest trustworthy people but this is not always the way it is.

Having a sign on your front lawn tells everyone who is passing by that a house is for sale but it says that and more.

To some people that sign is an opening to your front door. The sign could be a for sale by owner sign and it could be a for sale by agent sign or even an Istockhomes for sale sign.

Long before listing your house for sale you need to make yourself aware of the potential dangers. One of those dangers is theft.

You can protect yourself from theft by following some simple rules.

First, look around your home and search out what you have for valuables. Then hide them in a safe place, lock them in a safe, or get them off of the property.

Take special note of small items that are easy to pocket. Items like jewelry, crystal, prescription medications, and personal identification.

When taking pictures make sure the pictures don’t include valuables, or even a picture of a safe. You just gotta know that a safe is there for a reason.

When having open houses or tours be well aware that a lot of people could be going through your home and not all of them will be reputable even if they look the part.

Only showing the home to a couple of people at a time and escorting them while they are looking can help deter the light-fingered ones.

Also having a sign-in sheet where everyone needs to show proper identification, and write down their name phone number and email address is also a good way of knowing who has been in and out. If someone is willing to scope out and rob your home they will also be willing to rob other homes. Their names will eventually show up on sign-in sheets repeatedly.

As a bonus, a sign-in sheet can be used as a lead-generating form and you will be gathering email addresses and phone numbers while helping protect your clients.

If you are selling as for sale by owner the sign-in sheet is also relevant because if you get robbed the police in your area will already have a list of people known to them.

If selling on your own as for sale by owner, or as an agent remember that the valuables on the property need to be protected and kept safe.

Theft does occur and your reputation is on the line if it happens on your watch.