Before you start taking a video walk around your place and plan out the trip. Make sure the place is clean and tidy. Take the dirty laundry off of the floor, and tidy the towels that are hanging in the bathroom. Put down the toilet seats, and open the drapes if you're wanting to show off the view of the outside world. Make sure the beds are made and the shoes are hidden. Put the dog outside while doing the video and put on lots of lights if not all of them. A dark video does not show a house very well at all.

Now that your place is ready to video, do one more walk through this time plan out the trip draw an imaginary line through the place so that you know ahead of time which room you are going to show first, second and third.

I suggest starting outside at the front of the premises. Show the yard, the front of the building and also pan around the view. Now with the camera still recording walk to and through the front door, scan the entrance area and then I suggest heading to your left walk down the hall until you come across the first place where you can turn left. Turn into that area with the camera still recording pan around that room and keep the camera moving. Now continue to to walk through your house one room at a time always turning to the left and always scanning each room from left to right. Go through every door that comes up on your left and record what can be seen from that doorway when you come across a door to the outside, open it step through it and record the view that you see from there, then turn around and head back inside and continue back into the home. If and when you come across a staircase either to your left or in front of you take them to the next floor.

Buy now you should be able to easily record your place.

The other thing we need to do is tell everyone what we are looking at. Recording the audio can be done just by describing each room as we walk around the home, just make sure you are speaking loud and clear. If you're not comfortable talking as you walk around the house then just record it, transfer the recording to your computer and find a program that can do a voice over. Once you have done the audio the video can then be loaded up onto YouTube, Vimeo or other video site.

With the video loaded up on the site you can go and view the video and find the link for it, so that you have it when you fill out the form on then place the code that you get from the site into our form and continue to fill out the rest of the form when you have filled out as much as you can press submit and we will make sure that your marker gets placed on our map for the entire world to see.