Would you like listings to come to you?

A website similar to nylrl.com

First off you would need to know what nylrl.com is. Nylrl is a well thought out lead capture website based on the Robinhood principle. Yes, the piped piper who goes through town whistling his merry way.

Helping people succeed and giving away free information. In a way teaching people how to sell a home as for sale by owner. 

So, why would a real estate professional join Istockhomes and invest in a website where people can list their homes for free? 

The answer is simple. First, we give the person who is selling the home directions on what to do before hiring a real estate professional. Clean, declutter, de-personalize, work on curb appeal, inspect the premises, replace burned-out lightbulbs, photograph or video the home, maybe paint the place, and work on curb appeal. 

Then, when all that work is done, bring in a real estate professional.

At Istockhomes, we acquire quality Domains, and build usable websites, along with matching Facebook groups and Pages. We write how-to blogs and allow our affiliates to use any of our blogs or their own blogs to drive traffic to their website. 

We also understand that when someone lists a house as FSBO they usually want it sold in the first week and if they don’t find a buyer with no marketing skills they seek out a professional salesperson. 

We also know that a FSBO sign on someone’s front lawn is a heat score for some unscrupulous hot head to come in scoop the FSBO and place it under contract.

So, I ask you. Why not give away free information let people prepare the place for you and then have them call you when the place does not sell in under 1 week?

The websites we build come complete with, a good domain, a Facebook group, and a Facebook Page and we lease them out starting at $1000.00/ month. 

As a huge bonus, when you are finished and ready to retire we can set up an agreement where the next user of the website can send both yourself and us at Istockhomes a generous user fee. 

Your name dot com is not something that can be sold.

For more information contact BradCamp@Istockhomes.com  or Text Brad Camp @ 1-250-816-8577