Which domain is right for you.

Ultra premium

Now here is a domain that you can build your world wide business on.

Must be:

  • Short, as few letters as possible
  • Easy to spell correctly
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to create an action word out of ie. to run, to touch, to taste
  • Ends with the letter “E”
  • Open to any and all possibilities

Does it really have to be all of these? No, but try to hit as many as you can.

Here are two samples that we own and use.

1 Istockhomes

2 Paruse

How many of the list do each of these achieve?

The first one Istockhomes contains the word “homes” which will lead most people to believe the basis of the domain and therefore business is something to do with homes or housing.

The second name “Paruse” how does it fair when going through the list.


Still very popular are 2,3,4,5 letter Domains. These name are usually abbreviated company names. An example here would be., this being an abbreviated version of New York Luxury Real Estate Listings

Geographically specific

Lastly Geo-specific Domains, this could refer to a location like Hawaii, Hawaii Luxury Real Estate Listings.

Or, I guess you could go with, location and business field.

All of the above would be considered your Domain “root”

Let’s use “Paruse” as an example here:

A domain can also have sub-domains. Let’s say “car rental’s”


You can also have folders


So, keeping your root domain short and open can really help when you find yourself or your business venturing down the road and finding out you need to switch gears or change direction with your business. The last thing you will want to have to do is change your business name years after starting your business.