Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

THIS LETTER OF INTENT (the "Document") made as of this ______ day of _________________________, _________ (the "Execution Date"),


Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. of 1625 Venlaw Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9S 1J3, Canada
____________________ of _________________________


(individually the "Partner" and collectively the "Partners")


  1. The Partners wish to associate themselves in business as a partnership.
  2. A period of negotiation and exchange of information is needed in order to finalize terms.

This Document will establish the basic terms included in a future partnership agreement (the "Partnership Agreement") between the Partners. The terms contained in this Document are not comprehensive and it is expected that additional terms may be added, and existing terms may be changed or deleted. The basic terms are as follows:

  1. Non-Binding
  2. This Document does not create a binding agreement between the Partners and will not be enforceable. Only the Partnership Agreement, duly executed by the Partners, will be enforceable. The terms and conditions of the Partnership Agreement will supersede any terms and conditions contained in this Document. The Partners are not prevented from entering into negotiations with third parties with regard to the subject matter of this Document.
  3. Formation
  4. By this Document the Partners signal their intention to enter into a general partnership (the "Partnership") in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia subject to negotiation of the terms of the Partnership Agreement. The rights and obligations of the Partners will be as stated in the applicable legislation of the Province of British Columbia (the "Act") except as otherwise provided in the Partnership Agreement.
  5. The firm name of the Partnership will be: _____________________
  6. The principal office of the business of the Partnership will be located at ____________________________________________________________ or such other place as the Partners may from time to time designate.
  7. The purpose of the Partnership will be: Promote Website.
  8. Closing Date
  9. The Partnership Agreement will be completed on or about the 16th day of February, 2023 (the "Closing Date"). All obligations as indicated in the Partnership Agreement will be completed and met by the Closing Date.
  10. Representations
  11. The Partners each represent and warrant that the qualifications, skills and experience which they will each bring to the Partnership are truly and accurately reflected in any descriptions of the same given to any of the other Partners. The Partners further represent and warrant that they are each in a position to make any agreed capital contribution to the Partnership on, or in advance of, the Closing Date. If the representations of one of more of the Partners are untrue upon the Closing Date, then any remaining Partners may terminate the Partnership Agreement without penalty.

This Document accurately reflects the understanding between the Partners, signed on this ______ day of _________________________, _________.

Per: ___________________________ (Seal)
Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. (Partner)

____________________ (Partner)

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