1595 Bowen Road 
Nanaimo B.C. 

An online store selling items for upgrading, renovating, flipping and selling homes. Paruse will be developed into a sort of “Home Depot” franchise operation where each location individually supports local artists, wood workers, and trades people.


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Main Distribution center and head office to be located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.

Franchise locations to be set up buy head office.

Each location including the head office will be designed to be welcoming, an open concept store that is not crowded by isles of skewed items to be placed in a shopping basket. 


A registered Trademark in Both Canada and The United States of America 

Paruse is a word created by Brad Camp of Istockhomes Marketing Ltd. The word Paruse is defined as "searching casually" this word being the copy written property is only to be used by members of the paruse platform. Anyone or business caught using the word "Paruse" to help market houses, business, property, properties or any other marketing will be sought out and fined $5000.00 for the copyright infringement. 

As a member of the paruse platform you or your business will be allowed to freely use the word "Paruse" in any and all of your marketing endorsers including but not limited to your own website as in meta tags, description, title. And more such as 

The word "Paruse" can also be used on Twitter by using the hashtag so users of Twitter can find you tweet. Example: "#paruse #house for sale #nanaimo......" 

The word "Paruse" will also be of value when tagging your images. With both the alt and the title tag. This is accomplished by including the word paruse. By including the word paruse in all of your image tags, your images will appear on google images when people searching for home's type into google images "paruse" at this google results will pull up all images that have been tagged with the word paruse and the image will be clickable back to your website. If you add your listing to the paruse website this will be done for you just by filling out the form completely. 

To use the paruse website is completely free of charge. 

To use the word "Paruse" to directly market yourself or your business on any site, platform, or in any other form of marketing comes at a cost of $9.95 Canadian per month. 

To link back or market your paruse listing on the paruse site is also no cost. 

Patent a Process

Wanted to Patent a process of finding homes for sale through the use of a single word or term to search. 

The word we are wanting to use is "Paruse", Paruse by Istockhomes Marketing Ltd.  

In the process of using the word Paruse we are wanting to set up a process where persons looking for homes for sale in a specific geographic location can just Google the word "Paruse+ their desired location" 

The result is that someone can go to google search "Paruse + their location and then click on the images button of google and come up with  all images of homes for sale in the desired area that are tagged with the trademarked word "Paruse" 

The process that we are wanting to protect is the use of a single word or term to search for homes for sale, houses for sale, property for sale, for sale by owner, house hunt, house hunting, sale house, real estate, properties, land, land for sale, etc. 

I'm wanting a price to set forth patent pending on this process if possible. Please do not go ahead with the process prior to Paul and I giving a go ahead. For now, we are just wanting a price to proceed. 

Pursue Commercial

The scene comfortable living room evening scene, fire burning. One fairly attractive mid 40ish  female lounging on a couch with feet up on the couch, she is comfortable and relaxed not showing much if any cleavage. Feet are covered with a throw or blanket. The room is dimly lit. Has a glass of wine and is obviously drinking it while relaxing while surfing on an iPad. 

In a separate room is a male, mid 40ish fully dressed with messy hair from having his head resting on his hands obviously stressed. He is sitting at what appears to be a kitchen or dining room table the lighting is bright fluorescent. In front of him is a laptop computer and as the camera pans into the monitor the screen shows nothing but a list of listings there are no images showing on his monitor. 

While the camera is focussed on the screen all of a sudden one hears the sound on the chair being forced out from under the table as the male quickly rises to his feet. The camera then follows the male out of his brightly lit room through second darkened room or hallway the camera can then see in the distance the fire burning as the male enters the room where the female is. As he enters he turns on the main lights of the room and totally destroys the ambience of the room. 

He then looks at the female as the camera focuses on him. He says.

I thought we were supposed to be house hunting and looking for a place to move into as we very little time to find a place. 

What are you doing? 

Female: Parusing. 

Male: What is Parusing? 

Female: Parusing is a new way of looking for homes online. All you do is look through images only after entering your detailed search terms including the word "paruse" the even in a google search just click on images.

What happens is google pulls up all images that have been tagged with the word "Paruse" it could be a house, home, property, a listing, a condo. 

To Paruse takes all of the hunt and stress out of looking for a house online. Here I'll show you.

The female then gets up from the couch leaving the wine and blanket behind and signals the male to join her on the floor in front of the fire. The two of them then start casually perusing through images and listings on the floor as the light somehow gets dimmed as the camera goes from a full shot of the two laying full body's on the floor side by side and the camera moves into just finally a close up of her hand scrolling up on the images and the two of them pointing out images that they like. come check it out and forget the stress of hunting.

Art on Consignment

Paruse® a Division of Istockhomes Marketing Ltd.

Paruse® agrees to accept artwork on consignment, listed on the attached inventory, by

(ARTIST) __________________________for sale for a CONTRACT TERM beginning ___________(date) and ending   _________(date).

The following commission/payment terms will apply to each consigned artwork sold by

Paruse®  25 % ( Commission to Paruse®), 75% ( Payment to ARTIST ). By signing and initialing this document, both parties agree to each stipulation listed in this Agreement:

  1. ARTIST retains ownership of all work consigned to or represented by Paruse®.

ARTIST retains copyright to all consigned artwork in perpetuity, as governed by law.______(initial)

  1. Retail sales price for each consigned artwork will be established by Paruse®  in consultation with the Artist. Factors influencing retail sales price include history of prior sales by

the Artist, market demand, and Paruse® knowledge of its inventory, Buyers and price-points.

ARTIST agrees to abide by Paruse® decision regarding price-setting. _______ (initial)

  1. GALLERY will exert all reasonable efforts to close sales of consigned or represented

artwork. ARTIST agrees to provide GALLERY, in a timely fashion and upon request, with any

necessary documents or information in support of sales. _______ (initial)

  1. Payment to ARTIST will be provided within 30 days after receipt of payment from Buyer

to GALLERY. If GALLERY accepts installment payment sales, ARTIST agrees to accept partial

payments as received by GALLERY. Artwork will not be released by GALLERY to Buyer until

full payment is received. If artwork is released to Buyer before full payment is satisfied,

GALLERY agrees to pay ARTIST full percentage of commission owed. Upon ARTIST request,

GALLERY will provide ARTIST with account statements of sales activity for all inventoried work,

at reasonably frequent intervals of approximately once each quarter.


  1. GALLERY will maintain insurance for fire/ theft/ vandalism, and declares that all

consigned artwork will be covered by said insurance while in GALLERY possession.

Reasonable efforts will be made to protect consigned artwork from accidental damage or

breakage. Insurance liability for accidental damage or breakage (is / is not) provided by

GALLERY. ________ (initial)

  1. Following standard gallery procedure, ARTIST agrees that their artwork (originals and

duplicates) will not be displayed or shown in other galleries in (described geographic area) while

artwork is displayed in GALLERY during stated CONTRACT TERM. Work accepted into the

gallery will remain for entire duration of CONTRACT TERM. This practice stabilizes the artwork

value and provides a level of exclusivity during CONTRACT TERM, which benefits sales

negotiations. Exceptions to this stipulation may be negotiated between ARTIST and GALLERY

on a case-by-case basis. GALLERY will extend efforts to accommodate unique and special

opportunities that arise, including participation in limited-duration festivals and weekend events.

For these opportunities, ARTIST must provide work from own inventory. ________ (initial)


  1. GALLERY agrees to hold on premises and display as appropriate all artwork described

on attached inventory, which is an addendum to this CONTRACT. Term of this CONTRACT

begins: _______and ends: _______. Term may be renewable upon agreement by both parties.

This CONTRACT may be voided upon thirty (30) days notice by either party. ______(initial)

  1. It is understood by both parties that the consigned artwork will remain housed at

GALLERY until and unless it is released to a Buyer after payment of full purchase price.

GALLERY assumes all risk if artwork is loaned on approval to Buyer for potential sale.


  1. Should the consigned artwork remain unsold at the end of CONTRACT term, and if

CONTRACT term is not renewed, ARTIST must retrieve their work in a timely manner.

 ______ (initial)

GALLERY owner: ( printed name)________

GALLERY owner: _________ (signature)___________ Date________

__________________________ ____________________________ _________________

GALLERY contact address, phone, email

ARTIST: ______(printed name)________________________

ARTIST: _________ (signature)___________________ Date________

__________________________ ____________________________ _________________