When is the best time to hire a real estate sales professional?


When is the best time to hire a real estate sales professional?
When you are the builder or when you are the person that is in charge and it is up to you to get the property sold.
So, let’s break this down and see where the pieces fall.
1. Relationships: When building houses, relationships are important. Hiring the right trades to meet your needs. Knowing that the trades will be there for you when needed. Knowing their quality, and having customers happy that you used skilled trades.
The same goes for banking, selling, home inspections, and more. Having good relationships in place will help the job go smoothly.
2. Autonomous: On the other hand, you need to be in charge, for you are the person responsible for getting the house built. And you are the one that will be left holding the debt if anything doesn’t go right.
3. Self Sustaining: True, you are building a house, but are you building one house, or are you creating a business building houses?
If you are building a business building houses, do you have a business up and running? Do you have a website to go with it? If you don’t have a website, you need one. So contact us and we can get you started with a good website. One you can update yourself, add houses being built, and add images as you progress on the job.
So, when should you hire a sales professional. This depends on you and a lot on your financial situation. If you are dependent on the bank to finance the build you will have a set timeline to reach certain targets.
I’ve seen a lot of builders working out of their van or truck. It’s their office, their lunchroom, and everything else all wrapped into one. This could be saving you money but it could also be costing you more than you know.
Having a small office and a landline with an office assistant could be what you need to get your business rocking.
Having an office with an address, a website, a telephone, and someone to answer it - places you into the realm of “Professional Builder.” Having a labeled vehicle and a good sign in front of every house you build will draw you traffic.
Your small office can grow, it can be a place to safely store tools, drawings, samples of flooring, tile, and other displays. The professionalism will set you apart from your competition. Instead of hoping to get a sale before the house is completed, you could have your office staff lining up the next number of custom homes.
It’s up to you if you want to be the builder in the unlabeled vehicle hoping to get by or the Professional Builder who has a line up of customers hoping to be next on your list of projects.
As for having a Sales Professional stake a claim on your house and get a good commission for selling it. They should not be hired until the house is completed and staging is done. The reason for this is that most people have very little vision to see what a house could look like finished before it is finished. This is true even to the point of not being able to visualize a refrigerator in an empty space in a kitchen. All they see is something unfinished.
Once the house is finished and staged and professionally photographed then, the real estate professional can have an open house for real estate professionals and they can draw in multiple offers from different places, and if lucky they can get a bidding war going. If you are going to hire a sales professional give them a finished product to sell.